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How To Copy-Paste in the Chat Rooms

These instructions are provided for members of 12-step groups who wish to provide service to our chat meetings by serving as meeting chairpersons or greeters.

NOTE: It is not necessary to copy-paste the text files into the chat room to chair a meeting at StepChat. You can open the meeting with the Serenity Prayer, choose a topic, and have a meeting. Anyone can jump in and get a meeting going!


On the web page for the meeting chat room is a section called Chair a Meeting with links to the suggested text files for use to conduct online meetings at When you click on the link it will open up a new browser window. The Chair a Meeting page contains a list of 12-step groups which have meetings here at (AA, Al-Anon, ACOA, etc). Click on the link to the appropriate fellowship and then choose the text files that you need from the left-side navigation frame (Opening, Closing, etc).

TIP: You now have two browser windows open and you can navigate back-and-forth between them with the buttons on your task bar at the bottom of the screen. But many of us have found that resizing the two windows so that at least part of both windows are visible at the same time makes it easier to go between the two.


First you select the type that you wish to paste by clicking anywhere in the line of text and then TRIPLE clicking with your left mouse button. This should highlight the entire paragraph. If the triple-click method does not highlight the entire paragraph, you can highlight it by clicking in front of the first letter of the paragraph, hold your mouse button down and dragging to the end of the paragraph.

After the text is selected you can copy it into your computer's invisible "clipboard" by holding down the Control button and hitting the C key. (Ctrl-C) Tip: hold down the Control key with your left little finger and tap the C key with your index finger. Alternatively, you can right-click and then click "Copy."

Then in the chat room window, you click in the TYPE HERE box on the Chat Room and then hold down the Control key and hit the V key. (Ctrl-V) to paste the paragraph into the chat room. (Alternatively, right-click and then clicking Paste also works.) Then hit the Enter button on your keyboard or the Send button on the chat room screen.

To copy and paste an entire paragraph of text into the chat room is:

Triple Click
Click in Type Here Box
Hit Enter or Click Send
That's it!


Hope this helps. If you have any questions, please ask! You can always go into the chat room when there is no meeting and practice. If you run into any problem or have any questions, just ask another member to help. We were all beginners at this at one point!

Thank you, for your willingness to serve!