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Meeting Protocol

Before we get started, here are some tips for any newcomers:

To be recognized by the chair, please type an exclamation point "!" It's like raising your hand. And when you are finished sharing, please type "done".

We have members from the meeting who have volunteered to greet meeting latercomers. The greeters also tell latecomers the topic and help with chat room etiquette when necessary.

In these online meetings, it is best to type short lines followed by ". . ." which indicates that you are not finished.

Please remember to treat this like a face to face meeting, don't type over the person who is sharing. If you need to talk to someone during the meeting, please use Private Chat.

To speak to a member privately, click the person's name in the member's frame and a new, private window will open. Using Private Chat allows you to talk with one member, without disrupting the meeting. Thanks!